Best of the best Australian Wagyu

ONCE A YEAR RELEASE OF AWARD WINNING BEST WAGYU YOU WON’T FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE IN AUSTRALIA We are VERY excited to be able to bring you the The Phoenix Master Selection award winning, best of the best Wagyu. This is a huge deal as it’s very limited supply and only available once every year!  AND … Meat at…
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Personalised dry aged beef … at your service!

Personalised dry aged beef

HAND SELECTED BY THE EXPERTS, FOR YOU! Personalised dry aged beef, small batch Ashgrove customer Vince selected his own piece for dry aging:   We dry age to order! Small batch, hand selected and dry aged just for you! Imagine the excitement of coming into one of our stores and selecting your very own piece…
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Dry Aged Beef | Small Batch

Dry Aged beef

THE KING OF FLAVOUR …  Aged in-house, definitely worth the wait!   At Meat at Billy’s we dry age our meat in house. We dry age only the best quality primal cuts from our suppliers of choice, including Eggcettera beer malt beef  (exclusive to Meat at Billy’s) and limited Wagyu. Our beef is dry aged for around…
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Billy’s Barnyard Shindig – It’s a wrap!

A DAY OF SHENANIGANS AT THE FARM … ‘Twas a Meat at Billy’s event like no other!  Billy’s Barnyard Shindig at Eggcettera, Talgai.  You came. You toured. You filled your bellies. You headed back to the big smoke!  We promised you a day full of shenanigans and an amazing Eggcettera showcase dinner. We delivered!!  And…
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Win a ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker

Win a ProQ Frontier

WIN A PROQ FRONTIER BBQ SMOKER 2 WILL BE GIVEN AWAY | 1 AT EACH STORE! PRIZE DETAILS Win a ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker. Two will be given away. One at each store. One to a lucky Ashgrove customer and one to a lucky Rosalie customer! The ProQ Frontier BBQ Smoker can Smoke, BBQ, grill and roast, you…
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Maverick Fast Read Digital Probe Thermometer 2

WEBER COOKING CLASSES COOKING ON CHARCOAL WITH BILLY It just makes everything taste better! Have a Weber but don’t use it? Is that because…   (a) it’s too much effort (b) takes too long to cook anything (c) you’ve had to many over/under cooked disasters (d) it’s hiding in the garage/shed somewhere (e) don’t know…
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Butcher Suze – 2nd in Australia, Retail Butchery

2nd in Australia Retail Butchery

Suzanna Roeger brings home the Silver Awarded Silver, Retail Butchery | WorldSkills Australia 2018 We are stoked to announce that our Ashgrove butcher, Suzanna Roeger has won Silver in Retail Butchery at WorldSkills Australia 2018, whilst competing 2nd to 4th June 2018. What is WorldSkills Australia? The National Championships is Australia’s biggest vocational education and excellence…
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Fresh Goat meat – Eggcettera

fresh goat meat

FRESH GOAT MEAT EGGCETTERA PASTURE RAISED BOX GUM GOAT Fresh goat meat, exclusive to Meat at Billy’s Our fresh goat meat is supplied to us exclusively from Eggcettera. Whole goats are delivered fresh weekly (by Farmer Tim himself) from his farm at Talgai. The Meat at Billy’s butchers then break it down into a number of different cuts….
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Eggcettera Update … What’s going on at the farm, May 2018

Farmer Tim's Blog

 FARM. FOOD. LIFE. EGGCETTERA. FARMER TIM’S BLOG The strong and truly farm direct relationship we have with our pastured produce supplier, Eggcettera is extremely important to Meat at Billy’s. It’s a wonderful story for those keen to listen and or learn. To help paint the picture, we want to share with you, our customer, the…
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how to break down a whole rump


HOW TO BREAK DOWN A WHOLE RUMP Create 4 different meals & SAVE $$ Ralphie from Shank Brothers BBQ dropped by recently and we got talking about RUMP. Then this happened (-: A detailed video on how to break down a whole rump! If you’re into knowing more about your meat cuts or love knowing how…
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NEW – Billy’s Jute Bags!

Jute Bags

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT WITH OUR JUTE BAGS NO MORE SINGLE USE PLASTIC CARRY BAGS NEW TO MEAT AT BILLY’S – REUSABLE JUTE BAGS What you need to know? From 1st July 2018, single use plastic bags are banned by the Queensland Government (with some exceptions*); Plastic carry bags will not be available over the counter,…
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Goat Curry Recipe

Goat Curry Recipe by Shank Brothers BBQ This goat curry recipe was one of the featured dishes at our recent Billy’s Barnyard Shindig dinner and people are still talking about it. The Shank Brothers kindly supplied us with their recipe and images. This cracking curry is absolutely perfect for the colder nights that will soon…
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