Weber Charcoal Basics Cooking Class – Ladies only

Charcoal basics cooking class

Weber Charcoal Basics Cooking Class Ladies only. Guys need not apply. Have our recent Cooking on Charcoal classes sparked your interest? Have you been thinking ‘I reckon I could do that. I want to learn how to cook on charcoal!’? Did you know you can create more than one meal from a simple cook? Weber charcoal…
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10 Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas (Sun 2nd September)

Father's Day gift ideas

10 Best Gift Ideas for Father’s Day ‘Favourite Child Status’ … Guaranteed Stuck for Father’s Day gift ideas? Treat Dad to something awesome from Meat at Billy’s! It’s sure to be his favourite gift of the day :-)! Here are some of Billy’s favourites: 1. An extra special Wagyu or dry aged steak; 2. A Meat at Billy’s Hat–…
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Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu

Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu by Shank Brothers Want an easy and off-the-charts flavour BOMB pasta dish?!!! Truffled Pork & Porcini Sausage Meatballs in Pork Ragu featuring Meat at Billy’s absolute show stopper Truffled Pork & Porcini sausages. Add a lick of smoke and char by flashing meatballs over charcoal. Also…
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Mikey’s BBQ Smoked Fatty (Meatloaf) Is it a fatty? Is it a stuffed meatloaf? BBQ Smoked Fatty – Does it even matter when it tastes this good???? Thanks to Mikey from Shank Brothers for sharing this recipe for BBQ Smoked Fatty (meatloaf). Feel free to get a little loose with it and substitute a few things…
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STORES CLOSED ON EKKA WEDNESDAY TIME TO ENJOY A SLEEP IN 🙂 Meat at Billy’s is having their crew Christmas party a little early this year so Boss-man Billy is kindly giving everyone a day off!  Although that’s great news for the crew (sleep-in time), it does mean that both our Ashgrove and Rosalie stores will…
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Roasting Times For a Rolled Rib Fillet Roast

Roasting Times For a Rolled Rib Fillet Roast feature image (2)

Roasting Times For a Rolled Rib Fillet Roast COOKED TO PERFECTION, EVERY TIME Here’s how you can perfectly cook your rib fillet roast EVERY time! STEP 1: Get yourself a digital meat thermometer and remove the guess work. Honestly, it’s a cooks must have. No ‘how to cook a rib fillet roast’ guide is going to work perfectly…
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Eggcettera Farm Update

FARM. FOOD. LIFE. EGGCETTERA. FARMER TIM’S BLOG EGGCETTERA UPDATE – JULY 2018, written by Tim Somes, Owner Eggcettera Brrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, brrrrrrrrrr its cold out here on the Eggcettera farm!! I’ve almost been tempted to swap my work boots for ugg boots … #stylishfarmertim Fair dinkum, free range chickens The girls have dropped off in egg production…
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Free Lamb Shanks

lamb shanks

HIT105 LISTENERS FREE GIFT – Lamb shanks Receive 1kg* lamb shanks with every online order placed for delivery. Offer applies only where valid coupon code has been provided. *2 shanks = approximately 1kg. HOW TO CLAIM 1. Start shopping and select whatever Meat at Billy’s goodies you like; 2.Check you order is over $75; 3….
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Best of the best Australian Wagyu

ONCE A YEAR RELEASE OF AWARD WINNING BEST WAGYU YOU WON’T FIND THIS ANYWHERE ELSE IN AUSTRALIA We are VERY excited to be able to bring you the The Phoenix Master Selection award winning, best of the best Wagyu. This is a huge deal as it’s very limited supply and only available once every year!  AND … Meat at…
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Personalised dry aged beef … at your service!

Personalised dry aged beef

HAND SELECTED BY THE EXPERTS, FOR YOU! Personalised dry aged beef, small batch Ashgrove customer Vince selected his own piece for dry aging:   We dry age to order! Small batch, hand selected and dry aged just for you! Imagine the excitement of coming into one of our stores and selecting your very own piece…
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Dry Aged Beef | Small Batch

Dry Aged beef

THE KING OF FLAVOUR …  Aged in-house, definitely worth the wait!   At Meat at Billy’s we dry age our meat in house. We dry age only the best quality primal cuts from our suppliers of choice, including Eggcettera Beer Malt Beef  (exclusive to Meat at Billy’s) and limited Wagyu. Our beef is dry aged for around 36…
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Billy’s Barnyard Shindig – It’s a wrap!

A DAY OF SHENANIGANS AT THE FARM … ‘Twas a Meat at Billy’s event like no other!  Billy’s Barnyard Shindig at Eggcettera, Talgai.  You came. You toured. You filled your bellies. You headed back to the big smoke!  We promised you a day full of shenanigans and an amazing Eggcettera showcase dinner. We delivered!!  And…
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