Wyld Smoke Dusty’s Blend (150g)

Wyld Smoke Dusty's Blend

Wyld Smoke Rubs have been developed especially for people who have a love (some may say obsession), with all things BBQ!

The Wyld Smoke Dusty’s Blend is a fantastic all purpose rub. It is a spice blend with a hint of Morocco and a touch of Aussie outback thrown in for good measure. It’s not a hot rub, and certainly provides a flavour explosion when added to any meat cooked with smoke.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Dusty’s Blend is perfect when rubbed liberally onto a lamb shoulder or butterflied leg of lamb and cooked low and slow. It also makes the perfect addition to a whole BBQ’d chicken.

It matches well with mesquite or pear wood, pecan wood or hickory wood when smoked.

INGREDIENTS: Paprika, ginger, onion, garlic, salt, sugar, pepper.

Australian made, hand blended.


Price: $10.00 each