SOLIDTEKNICS AUS-ION Satin Seamless Wrought Iron Flaming Skillet 26cm

SOLID TEKNICS AUS-ION-Satin-Formed-Iron-Flaming-Skillet-26cm

26cm Flaming Skillet

3mm thick for indestructibility. Developed with Neil Perry and his chefs at Rockpool for the ultimate in durable mesh pan for that flame-grilled taste in meats and vegetables. Nests in the standard 26cm Skillet to transfer thick steaks to oven for baking after a quick sear over open flame. – Induction compatible.

L  53cm, Diam 26cm, H at handle 10cm, H of bowl 5cm, 1.3  kg
World-first, seamless, 1-piece wrought pans. AUS-ION™ wrought iron (formed low-carbon steel) stainless cookware. All are made in Australia, all are non-toxic, healthy, sustainable, and multi-century durable.

Price: $169.95 each

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