Ashgrove Honey (350g)

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Local Honey Brisbane | Ashgrove

The Meat at Billy’s hives are producing amazing local Ashgrove honey … while stocks last!!

We have two Bee One Third – Neighbourhood Honey beehives on the roof of our shop. The resulting honey is harvested every few months. Our bees feast on nearby pollen and nectars. The end result is a truly unique and local Ashgrove honey.

The guys from Bee One Third work with some of Australia’s best beekeepers. This allows them to produce unrivalled single varietal honeys, representing Australia’s broad floral diversity.

Occasionally there may be seasonal fluctuations resulting in a lower yield from our Ashgrove bees. In this case, we use local Brisbane honey.

Check out our YouTube video of this delicious honey being served up by the one-and-only-PETE!


Price: $11.95 each

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