Eggcettera, Lamb Leg – Butterflied (Min 1.5kg)

Lamb Leg Butterflied

Our lamb leg butterflied is a great choice. Simply add extra virgin olive oil, salt & pepper or a marinade of your choice.

This pastured long paddock lamb is from Eggcettera and supplied exclusively to Meat at Billy’s.



Our favourite way to cook butterflied lamb is on the BBQ and it doesn’t take long at all.

Start off quite hot to get some caramelisation going and then turn the heat down a little to finish the lamb off (probably 15-20 minutes maximum).

As this cut of meat can have different variations in thickness you may find the finished cook is not entirely even throughout. For best results, use a thermometer to check the thickest parts are done to your liking – medium rare: 55C/130F (our preference).

Allow the lamb to rest before slicing.


SERVING SUGGESTION: BBQ’d Chermoula Butterflied Lamb … a quick, easy and delicious way to feed a small crowd! Click HERE for the recipe.


Price: $38.99 each