Fire Slap BBQ Gloves (pair)

Fire Slap BBQ Gloves
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Fire Slap BBQ Gloves are made of Aramid fibers, a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fibres. The same fibres used in the manufacture of race car, police, military, fire and rescue protective uniforms. Your gloves are EN 407 standard certified with a heat resistance to 300°C / 572°F.

Although these gloves have an extremely high heat rating, only use them for your normal day to day BBQ and cooking needs as unnecessary exposure to extreme temperatures above 300°C / 572°F will shorten the life span of your kick ass gloves. Please do not touch/hold any heat source for more than a couple of seconds as most heat sources will be well above 300°C / 572°F and will burn through. Be very careful of handling any metal/porcelain plates or grates that have been inside your cooker as they retain heat very well and can sometime be well over 300°C / 572°F.

The length of the gloves is no mistake either as this feature provides protection to your forearms from those nasty BBQ brandings we’re sure you have experienced in the past. 

Fire Slap BBQ Gloves are tough as nails but they are not designed to pick up wet cuts of meat like beautiful juicy briskets or sticky pork ribs so please keep them as dry as possible and give them a hand wash every once and a while in warm water to keep them clean. 

Price: $39.90 each

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