Cow Persian Feta – Kris Lloyd Artisan (300g)

cow persian feta

This Cow Persian feta is made from 100% jersey milk and is part of the Kris Lloyd Artisan range. It is a rich and creamy cheese, with a velvety texture. The jersey milk is sourced from South Australia’s Langhorne Creek.

This Persian feta is a fresh cheese, set overnight. It is traditional lactic set, not unlike yoghurt. Once drained, the feta is seasoned with salt and left to age for approximately 12 days. Following that, it is portioned in jars, with a selection of herbs and a blend of vegetable and olive oil.

SERVING SUGGESTION: It’s delicious straight from the jar. Alternatively, add  it to a salad, bruschetta, or toss through pasta or risotto.



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