Cape Grim Beef Short Rib Rack

Cape Grim Beef Short Ribs

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Cape Grim Beef Short Rib Rack

Beef short rib rack = 3 ribs per rack, minimum 1.3kg

Cape Grim beef is raised on rich pastures, with nothing else added. The beef is hand selected and rigorously graded, rewarding you with pure beef flavour.

Your beef short rib rack is best enjoyed when slow cooked. Finish off in pan or on BBQ to crisp up.

RECIPE SUGGESTION: Sticky or Crispy Beef Short Ribs in Master Stock (master stock available online also)

If you would prefer your rack cut into individual ribs, click here.


CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Holey moley those cape grim ribs were good. Dry rubbed the night before and 10 hours on the smoker with hickory, cherry and pear wood and lots of people were throwing around the words “best ribs I’ve ever eaten”. I even impressed our Texan Chief Operating Officer who was in town for the BBQ.” Ben K (23/10/17)

Australian Beef

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