Camembert – Kris Lloyd Artisan (200g)

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This Camembert is part of the Kris Lloyd Artisan range and is completely hand made. Firstly, the fine curds are cut into large cubes, before they are worked down into smaller pieces by gentle stirring. Once ready, they are ladled into warm hoops. The cheese is salted the following day and then turned every second day until a bloomy, white mould rind cover has developed. Finally, the cheese is ‘cave-aged’ for around 14 days before it is wrapped for sale.

This camembert should be eaten young if you prefer a milder cheese. Otherwise, let it get ‘funky’and you will experience a true camembert style of cheese.

SERVING SUGGESTION: It makes a fabulous addition to any cheese board! Be sure to rest it at room temperature first to allow the flavour to fully develop.



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