Blend Smoked Honey (250g)

Blend Smoked Honey
fig with crispy bacon


Blend smoked honey sources 100% raw local honey by real beekeepers using traditional methods.

This small batch honey is then cold smoked & crafted with selected artisan ingredients to produce a unique taste experience.

Try our Chicken Mini Roasters with Broccolini, Bacon, Pine Nuts & Smoked Honey recipe – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE




Blend Smoked Honey Glazed Ham

Try a Blend Smoked Honey & Orange Glaze on your ham – CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE

Superb in salad dressings, cocktails or to finish ‘THE’ best BBQ’d pork chops on Earth!!

Kris from Blend reckons his favourite way to use his honey is:

  1. A last minute drizzle over some crispy bacon;
  2. To accompany an awesomely sharp vintage cheddar or pan seared haloumi;
  3. Over wood fired baby root vegetables (heirloom carrots and beetroots in particular)!

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