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fresh goat meat

Fresh goat meat, exclusive to Meat at Billy’s

Our fresh goat meat is supplied to us exclusively from Eggcettera.

Whole goats are delivered fresh weekly (by Farmer Tim himself) from his farm at Talgai. The Meat at Billy’s butchers then break it down into a number of different cuts. These include bone-in shoulder, leg, dice, mince and even sausages, just to name a few.

A healthy alternative!

Goat meat is lower in fat than chicken, and higher in protein than beef. It has low levels of saturated fat and cholesterol and is high in iron and protein. All this makes for a healthy red meat alternative.

Cooking with fresh goat meat

Fresh goat meat can be substituted in any dish you traditionally use lamb in. It typically works well with lower heat and slow cooking or braising. This gives the meat time to break down and tenderise whilst preserving it’s moisture. It’s particularly good in stews, curries and roasts. (Keep reading for some great goat recipes.)

Box Gum Foragers

Farmer Tim explains that goats are foragers not grazers are mostly interested in what’s above them to eat rather than underneath them. There is an abundance of box gums on the farm. According to Tim, the goats love munching on gum leaves to help aid their digestion! No Kidding 🙂

Sustainable, ethical farming

Located at Talgai, the mission at Eggcettera is to grow and market quality free range pastured farm produce in an ethically sustainable manner for livestock and land involved. That’s why Meat at Billy’s is proud to work with Farmer Tim! Eggcettera also exclusively supplies us pecan fed pastured pork, free range lamb and amazing eggs. Keep on eye on other new Eggcettera product lines heading our way soon!

Goat Meat Recipes

Goat Curry Recipe 3

Images courtesy of Shank Brothers BBQ

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a delicious goat curry recipe, courtesy of Shank Brothers BBQ:

Other goat recipes to inspire you include: