Eggcettera Eggs are Eggcellent Eggs



Eggcettera Farm Eggs

Meat at Billy’s is a proud stockist of pastured Eggcettera eggs! The Eggcettera ‘girls’ get 10x the space the industry standard regulates. They’re pasture raised and moved onto fresh grass every week. As a result, the eggs have harder shells and are fresher!

You can see from the photos above (and video below), these are truly happy gals with oodles of space to scratch for worms and insects and simply roam. Their eggs are collected twice daily so they are fresh as!!!! If you can’t see them in store just ask, or order online & have them delivered to your door.

A little bit of trivia … 

Did you know Eggcettera eggs are the ONLY eggs with the word ‘EGG’ stamped on them? How did this come about we hear you ask?? Well, all eggs in Queensland must have a unique identifier and when Farmer Tim was setting his up, he discovered, much to his surprise, no-one else had thought to use the three little letters ‘E G G’. We reckon Farmer Tim is one smart E G G 🍳 !

Run chicken, run!

Not only do the happy gals at Eggcettera love cruising for worms among the long grassy paddocks, they love a bit of chicken exercise … maybe it’s the secret as to why their eggs are so eggcellent!

Check out the girls below as they do a little ute-chasing!