Crackling Tips for Best Ever Crackle

Best Crackling Tips
Pork Loin CracklingCrackling tips

delicious pork crackle.

Customers often ask us how to get really good crackling and honestly, it’s super easy. The secret is dry skin so the easiest way to ensure awesome crackling is to plan ahead.

Step 1: Leave your pork cut uncovered in the fridge overnight before cooking.This dries the skin out which is the important step. This pretty much guarantees maximum crunchiness.

Step 2: Before cooking, rub a little olive oil or butter and a good amount of salt into the skin.

Step 3: Preheat your oven to 240 degrees and cook at this temperature for the first 20 minutes of your overall cooking time. You need it this hot initially to get the skin blistered.

*Your overall cooking time is obviously going to depend on which cut of pork your roasting and the size.

Step 4: Drop the oven temperature back down to your recipe’s suggested cooking temp.

Step 5: Check on the crackling 30 mins before end of cooking time. If it’s not crisped up enough simply turn the temperature to 240 degrees again.