2 Bald Butchers | What’s a Swineapple?

  Ever tasted a Swineapple? Do you even know what one is? Let’s leave it to Butcher Peter to tell you all about it … 2 Bald Butchers … at it again 🙂    

Special Offer – 2017 ABA VIP Members

2017 ABA VIP Member Rewards

2017 ABA VIP Member Rewards Card Meat at Billy’s is proudly partnering with the Australasian Barbecue Alliance via the 2017 ABA VIP Member Rewards Card. Holders of the card are entitled to 10% off* in-store purchases at either our Ashgrove or Rosalie stores. To purchase a VIP Member Rewards Card, click here.     *…
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2 Bald Butchers | Shiny Heads

2 bald butchers shiny heads

Q: How do we get our heads so shiny? 2 Bald Butchers Q&A has generated some great questions. This one’s a cracker from Sally! In this video, we share our great advice on how we get our heads soooo shiny …    

Got a question? Ask the 2 Bald Butchers

2 Bald Butchers Q&A

2 Bald Butchers Q&A Our 2 Bald Butchers, Billy & Peter are waiting to answer your questions … in their own unique way of course :-). * How do I cook the perfect steak * What part of the cow does the sirloin come from? * What farms do we source from? * What size are…
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Sharp Knives!

KNIFE SHARPENING If you like sharp knives as much as we do, then keep an eye out for our knife sharpening days. Troy from A Wicked Edge Sharpening is a regular at both our Ashgrove and Rosalie stores. With over 25 years experience, Troy will have your knives as good as new in no time at all. He…
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This is us!

Free delivery

This is us… A day in the life of Meat at Billy’s captured on film. Some of our regular customers appear as do some of our staff. Do you see any familiar faces? We’ve been working on some exciting projects with Mike Hilburger from Compadre Picture Co (aka Mikey Picklehead Pickles & Mikey Shank Brother). Finally we…
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Billy’s Australia Day Snags are back!

Billy’s Australia Day Snags are back! With Australia Day approaching, it’s time for Billy to open the vegemite jar and a can of XXXX. Sound unusual?? Not when he combines them in perfect balance with Eggcettera salt bush fed lamb, sweet potato and rosemary! The end result is his very own creation: The lamb, vegemite…
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Crackling Tips for Best Ever Crackle

Pork loin crackling

Best Crackling Tips crispy crunchy salty fatty rich delicious pork crackle. Customers often ask us how to get really good crackling and honestly, it’s super easy. The secret is dry skin so the easiest way to ensure awesome crackling is to plan ahead. Step 1: Leave your pork cut uncovered in the fridge overnight before cooking.This dries the skin…
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Turkey Size & Cooking Guide

Turkey Size & Cooking Guide

Turkey Size & Cooking Guide WHAT SIZE TURKEY DO I NEED? Here’s a guide to help you choose what size turkey you will need. Please keep in mind that this is an approximation only and based on no other protein being served.   WHOLE TURKEY (Fresh or Frozen) 4kg serves 8-10 5kg serves 10-12 6kg…
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Blend Ham Glaze ingredients

3 WAYS TO GLAZE YOUR CHRISTMAS HAM Billy & his mates from Picklehead Pickles & Blend Smoked Honey have teamed up to give us 3 different ham glaze recipes to get you inspired for Christmas Day. There’s something to be said for a glazed ham. Those caramelised dark, almost burnt bits are so delicious. If…
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Christmas Feast with Billy

Christmas Feast with Billy at Wandering Cooks Wednesday December 7th 6:30pm – 8pm Wandering Cooks (cnr Fish Lane & Cordelia Street, South Brisbane) RSVP only Come and learn how to perfectly prep your leg ham for glazing on Christmas Day and how to stuff a pork loin roast (using Eggcettera pecan-fed pork of course). The tips and…
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Sarah’s Crack Potato

Sarah's Potato Bake

Sarah’s Crack Potato Sarah’s Crack Potato recipe (Billy is Sarah’s husband), has fast become a favourite of family & friends of Meat at Billy’s. We serve it at all of our events and constantly receive requests for the recipe. It can easily be halved but trust us, the more the better. It also freezes perfectly. You’re…
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