Billy’s Straya Snags are back!

Billy's Straya Snags

BILLY’S STRAYA SNAGS LAMB, VEGEMITE & XXXX SAUSAGES ARE BACK!         t         Billy’s opened the Vegemite jar and a can of XXXX. Sound unusual?? Not when he combines them in perfect balance with Eggcettera long paddock lamb, sweet potato and fresh rosemary! The end result has to be tried to…
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Your Top 5 Sausages

Top 5 Sausages

Top 5 Sausages – can you guess which ones made the cut?   Here at Meat at Billy’s, our sausages work really hard to tantalise your taste buds. They do this through their amazing flavour combinations and wide variety of choice! In fact, there are more than 20 different sausage varieties on offer, using the best quality beef,…
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Irish Pork sausages take 2nd place

Queensland Taste lift out in the Courier Mail rated 12 sausages from supermarkets, butchers and health food stores in Brisbane recently.   Our very own Irish Pork sausages came 2nd overall!   You can read the full article here   Order your Irish Pork sausages here


As you might have noticed, we’re a little keen on coming up with great new sausage flavour combinations. This month we’ve been working with Green Beacon Brewery in Teneriffe to come up with this great combo using their 3 Bolt Pale Ale. We hope you guys like them as mush as we do.