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Box Gum Goat Curry Recipe

goat curry recipe

Farmer Tim’s Goat Curry Recipe This goat curry recipe is Farmer Tim from Eggcettera Farms‘ favourite. He loves cooking it in the camp oven over the coals from the box gum (of course)!  Ingredients: 1 tablespoon oil 1 good handful of dried sultanas 1 clove garlic – crushed 1 teaspoon grated ginger 1 chopped hot…
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Sarah’s Crack Potato

Sarah's Potato Bake

Sarah’s Crack Potato Sarah’s Crack Potato recipe (Billy is Sarah’s husband), has fast become a favourite of family & friends of Meat at Billy’s. We serve it at all of our events and constantly receive requests for the recipe. It can easily be halved but trust us, the more the better. It also freezes perfectly. You’re…
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Blend Smoked Honey and Orange Christmas Ham Glaze Recipe

Blend Smoked Honey Glazed Ham

Blend Smoked Honey and Orange Christmas Ham Glaze Recipe Looking for an awesome ham glaze recipe this Christmas? Look no further and give this Blend Smoked Honey and Orange Ham Glaze recipe a try. The gentle smokey flavour of the honey, offset with mustard and the other ingredients add a sublime level to the humble…
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Sticky Sweet & Smoky Char Siu Pork

Blend Smoked Honey is 100% raw local honey that has been cold wood smoked and crafted with toasted spices & natural artisan ingredients. You can drizzle it over thick cut bacon, grilled pineapple or pan fried Haloumi… Mix with other sauces, vinegars & spices to make your own smoky glazes, salad dressings, cocktails or to finish…
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lamb sausage rolls

Lamb sausage rolls … perfect for Australia Day!!   We’d use any excuse to use this lamb jam and its appley, minty & rosemary goodness. In this recipe we’ve used it in the sausage roll filling and also to serve alongside them once cooked! Please use butter puff pastry if you can – it’s far superior in…
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Serves 4-6   Leave pork uncovered in the fridge overnight or a few hours prior to cooking for the best crackling results.  INGREDIENTS Pork 1.5kg rolled pork loin (skin on) 2 apples (cored, cut into large chunks lengthways) 2 carrots (quartered, cut lengthways) 10 peeled cloves of garlic 1 large brown onion (cut into large…
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